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Everything you need to build powerful integrations

Offer the deepest integrations with no restrictions.

Unified when you want

hotglue's unified schema gives you all the benefits of a unified API, without the lock-in.

Unified when you want

Flexible when you need it

hotglue’s integrations are open-source and allow you to customize the integrations to your customers’ needs - no more vendor lock-in.

Flexible when you need it

Always white labeled

Your customers never know hotglue is involved with their integrations. From our embeddable integration component, to white labeled APIs and callback URLs. 

Always white labeled

Hundreds of integrations

Using hotglue, SaaS teams can roll out integrations faster than ever. 

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The Whole Toolbox

Offer the deepest integrations with no restrictions.

Open-source integrations

hotglue's integrations are all open-source and compatible with the Singer Spec. Meaning you can always dive deep into our connectors, or even write one yourself.

Custom Transformations

hotglue’s Python-based transformation layer allows for you to customize the data to your product’s needs.

White-label authentication

Use our embeddable components, hotglue connect, or our APIs, give your customer the 1-click integration experience they are looking for.

A straight forward process

Step 1

Pick your connectors

Select which integrations you want to offer to your customers from our 200+ connector library

Unified when you want

Step 2

Define your transformations

Using the powerful pre-processing layer, transform data as you want and avoid redundant data pipelines

Step 3

Connect hotglue to your product

hotglue can communicate with your product directly via API or by connecting to your database - just pick one and go!

Unified when you want

Designed for developers

hotglue provides everything you need to programmatically manage your integration stack.

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  • API and real-time webhooks to monitor job status
  • Embeddable UI Components
  • Detailed logging and reporting
  • Isolated testing environments
  • CLI to manage integrations at scale

You’re in good company

Trusted by B2B brands across the world

Unified when you want

Security you can trust

Built with security and compliance in mind.

Unified when you want

Customer Stories

See how hotglue empowers companies of all sizes to accelerate their growth.

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“For most companies, integrations tend to be a pain, but for us, it is actually an advantage now.”

Michael Warshafsky


“On average, a new integration would take us 6 months - with hotglue we have 40 different connections in 3 months. You can call hotglue a game changer.”

Tomas Formanek


“Without hotglue, our team couldn't juggle product iteration with the constant need to maintain and upgrade our data pipeline.”

Irfan Zulfiqar

Director, Product Engineering

Conquer your integration backlog

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