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hotglue is architected to help you scale from your first customers to thousands.

Data Pass-Through

hotglue's integration platform is built as a pass-through system. When data is synced, hotglue processes the data, and does not keep any record of your customers' data. This allows companies to comply with their own security standards and gives end-users peace of mind.

Ensure Privacy With Pass-Through Functionality

Essential Security Certifications

We take security extremely seriously at hotglue. We currently hold our SOC 2 Type II certification as well as maintain GDPR compliance with our platform.

Essential Security Certifications

World-Class Scalability

Built on AWS, we utilize serverless architecture to allow hotglue to scale with you. Whether you are running one sync of data a day or millions of syncs, hotglue's infrastructure has been built to handle all of your integrations needs.

World-Class Infrastructure Ensures Scalability


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We make our best effort to store the minimum amount of data possible. You can utilize hotglue in a fashion where we only hold data while processing data, and otherwise keep none of your customers data.

Yes! You can request your hotglue environment to be hosted in a different AWS region.

Yes! Just ask our team for the certification.

Yes! hotglue is built in a serverless fashion, allowing scalability no matter how many jobs you need to run.

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