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Enable users to connect their QuickBooks data to your product in minutes, without querying the QuickBooks API yourself.

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hotglue makes creating and maintaining a QuickBooks integration three easy steps.
Select QuickBooks as a source
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Cherry-pick the QuickBooks data you need from the QuickBooks connector

Format the data
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Deploy simple Python scripts to fit the QuickBooks data to your schema

3. Select your destination
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Send the user data directly to your backend

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QuickBooks data

Access all the objects the QuickBooks API offers


Accounts are what businesses use to track transactions.


The CreditMemo object is a financial transaction representing a refund or credit of payment or part of a payment for goods or services that have been sold.


A customer is a consumer of the service or product that your business offers.


An Invoice represents a sales form where the customer pays for a product or service later.


An item is a thing that your company buys, sells, or re-sells, such as products and services. An item is shown as a line on an invoice or other sales form.


JournalEntry is a transaction in which there are at least one pair of lines, a debit and a credit, called distribution lines.


The profit and loss statement is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period.


A Purchase object represents an expense, such as a purchase made from a vendor.


A SalesReceipt object represents the sales receipt that is given to a customer. A sales receipt is similar to an invoice.


The TimeActivity object represents a record of time worked by a vendor or employee.

Build integrations your customers will love

Offer your next SaaS integration in four simple steps.

1. Choose source

Select the data you need from our library of connectors.

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2. Format the data

Use our standard schemas, or develop custom mapping scripts so data comes in how you want it.

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3. Choose target

Receive new data directly in your backend via database, filestore, API, and more.

4. Embed hotglue

Our embeddable components give customers an intuitive way to link their accounts.

Read more in the docs.

Manage integrations at scale

Maintain visibility into your integration workflows with detailed job logs, reporting, and real-time alerting baked in.

Secure and compliant

Built with security and compliance in mind.

  • SOC 2 Type II certified
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure
  • GDPR compliant (DPA available by request)
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