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Manage Your App Integrations with hotglue

hotglue offers an admin panel to manage all of your integrations. The admin dashboard includes integration health reports, tenant-specific job logging, as well as daily reports on significant changes to your integrations.

Integration Health Dashboard

All the important health information about hotglue-powered integrations can be found in the health dashboard, such as integration-specific metrics about failures. You can address these issues as they occur directly from the dashboard.

Integration Health Dashboard

Real-Time Job Logs

Data sync jobs can be monitored inside of hotglue in real time. hotglue provides detailed logs to debug issues along with summary views and recommendations on how to solve problems.

Real-Time Job Logs

Cloud Monitoring Integrations

Connect hotglue to tools like Datadog, Heap, and more to monitor integration health from the tools you already use to monitor your cloud stack.

Data Monitoring Tool Integrations

Job Status Webhook Notifications

hotglue allows you to register webhooks to monitor data sync job status updates programmatically. These webhook updates allow you to setup dynamic integration workflows and handle any integration issues that come up.

Job Status Webhook Notifications

Daily Reports

hotglue provides reporting via email about the status of connectors and tenants. These summary reports and real-time error notifications help integration teams stay on top of issues and proactively manage their customers' experience.

Daily Reports


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You can find information about errors across connectors, how many jobs have run over certain periods of time, how many jobs are failing in an environment, and more.

Real-time job logs can help you debug any issues with your integrations, and provide valuable insight to your engineers

hotglue offers connections to Datadog, Heap, Slack, and more so that you can track any integration issues in tools you already use.

You can learn more about Job Statuses in our documentation here.

Yes, you can invite your team to your hotglue organization with granular permission control.

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