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Support bi-directional integrations with ease

With hotglue, you can create true bi-directional integrations in a matter of hours. Your product can both read data from and write data back to other systems.

Read and write data to your customers SaaS stack

hotglue helps SaaS products read and write data to other popular SaaS products in a matter of minutes.

Read and Write with the same product

Write data using the Unified API Schemas

Send the same payload across integrations using hotglue's unified API schema, enabling teams to rapidly build write integrations.

Write data using the Unified API

Become the source of truth for your customers

Make your product the source of truth by writing updates back to your customers' SaaS stack, instead of solely reading data.

Become the source of truth for your customers


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This means that the specific connector is not currently bi-directional, but can most likely be made bi-directional! Ask our team about it.

You can read more about our unified schemas here.

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