Greenspark helps companies embed positive impact into everyday tasks cover

Greenspark helps companies embed positive impact into everyday tasks

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by David Molot

Feb 15th 2023

Greenspark helps companies embed positive impact into everyday tasks

Key Takeaways

Greenspark is a sustainability solution that puts corporate responsibility on auto-pilot. Greenspark’s belief is that every business is a powerful force for good. Using the Greenspark platform, every company can create automated positive impact in seconds and take environmental action everyday.

The Greenspark team uses hotglue to offer integrations such as ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Mailgun, Yotpo, and more to their users.

Data Stack





  • Reviews and Loyalty: Yotpo,,, Stamped
  • Email Marketing: ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Mailchimp, Mailgun, Mailshake, Sendinblue
“hotglue has allowed us to release integrations much more quickly and across different verticals, more quickly than we would have been able to build integrations ourselves”

Before hotglue

Before using hotglue, Greenspark had built e-commerce integrations with platforms like Shopify in-house, but found that delivering new integrations was a slow and tedious process.

Further, the Greenspark team had growing requests for integrations with other business tools outside of e-commerce systems. To that end, Greenspark was looking for an iPaaS solution to help them expand their integration coverage more rapidly.

Evaluating hotglue and making the decision

Greenspark found hotglue soon after, and were primarily interested in how much it would speed along development of new integrations. When trialing hotglue, they found that hotglue was able to:

  1. speed up development of integrations,
  2. abstract away integrations related maintenance, and
  3. significantly reduce the amount of bandwidth developers spent on integrations

While evaluating hotglue, the Greenspark team was able to launch new integrations across many different verticals such as Email Marketing, Reviews Platforms, and more in a matter of days.

“What I really like is that hotglue has quite a breadth of different integrations verticals, whether it is accounting, advertising or e-commerce.”

Leemann continued that it was also exciting that hotglue could support “bespoke integrations in a matter of days,” allowing for the Greenspark team to ship new integrations for their users within days of a request.

Enabling more companies to take climate action every day

With hotglue, Greenspark has enabled more companies to take climate action through their daily actions. Greenspark plans to add additional integrations in the near future, with integrations like Jotform, Survey Monkey, Typeform, and Google Forms coming soon!

If you are ready to get your native integrations set up in a matter of days, find some time to chat with us about hotglue!

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hotglue simplifies the process of building SaaS integrations into your application. With hotglue, teams can stand up integrations in minutes, without dealing with maintenance and data infrastructure.

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