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hotglue is a tool built for developers to easily offer native integrations inside of SaaS products, with deep monitoring and API capabilities.

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Embedded White-Label Component

The embeddable white-label component is customizable and easy to implement, so you can get your integrations up and running in no time. Developers can embed our component in either React, JavaScript, or NextJS inside their webapp, with the ability to customize the CSS of the component and make it look completely native.

Embedded White-Label Component

Support every integration with no extra work

Maintain visibility into your integration workflows with detailed job logs, reporting, and real-time alerting baked in.

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Designed for developers

hotglue provides everything you need to programmatically manage your integration stack.

  • API and real-time webhooks to monitor job status
  • Embeddable UI Components
  • Detailed logging and reporting
  • Isolated testing environments
  • CLI to manage integrations at scale
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hotglue CLI

Rather than manage your hotglue configuration entirely through the UI, hotglue offers a CLI that makes it possible to manage your configuration programmatically. This way, you can check things like your transformation scripts into source control and deploy them via a CI pipeline following best development practices.

The CLI also contains several utility functions to make working with hotglue easier. You can list tenants, flows, jobs, and even download jobs locally for debugging and testing.

hotglue CLI

Comprehensive Integration-Specific Documentation

For every integration, hotglue provides documentation on how to get your SaaS integrations stood up and provides answers to the best practices in setting up your integrations.

Comprehensive Integration-Specific Documentation

Build Custom Integrations Using the Singer SDK

hotglue's compatibility with the Singer spec allows for developers to build their own connectors to use on hotglue. Using the Singer spec, a developer can build a new integration in a matter of hours, and have it running on hotglue's infrastructure.

Build Your Own Integration SDK

Customer Stories

“For most companies, integrations tend to be a pain, but for us, it is actually an advantage now.”
Goodkind Logo

Michael Warshafsky

Chief Technology Officer at Goodkind

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“On average, a new integration would take us 6 months - with hotglue we have 40 different connections in 3 months. You can call hotglue a game changer.”
Inventoro Logo

Tomas Formanek

Chief Executive Officer at Inventoro

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“Without hotglue, our team couldn't juggle product iteration with the constant need to maintain and upgrade our data pipeline.”
Chargebee Logo

Irfan Zulfiqar

Director, Product Engineering at Chargebee

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