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Integrate with every e-commerce platform using the same data model.

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Support every e-commerce integration with no extra work

Using hotglue's unified API schema, integrating once means supporting other e-commerce integrations is as simple as turning them on.

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Unlock the power of hotglue’s unified e-commerce API schema

Built to simplify the integration process, hotglue’s Unified E-Commerce API Schema allows you to standardize your customers data and speed up your integration building.

Our connectors easily integrate with all e-commerce platforms, utilizing a unified data model to guarantee the growth of your integrations with speed and efficiency.

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Benefits of using a unified e-commerce API schema

At hotglue, we know the complex nature of building e-commerce integrations. That’s why we’ve introduced our Unified E-Commerce API Schema - designed to simplify the process of providing e-commerce integrations:

Accelerated Integration Development

Build your integrations faster without the need to configure each connector with scripts and field maps.

Efficient Resource Utilization

If resources are limited, our Unified E-Commerce API Schemas allow for smoother integration development, enabling you to achieve more with fewer resources.

Uniform Data Format

hotglue’s schema effortlessly binds your data, creating a standardized format that streamlines the integration process.

Data Monitoring Tool Integrations

Build without a learning curve

Integrate with every e-commerce product via hotglue's unified API schema – bypassing the learning curve for each product.

See the difference

Compare raw data from an e-commerce system to hotglue's unified API schema.

Raw Data

Choose the source system.

hotglue unified API schema
  "id": "576ba74eec471ff9b01557cc",
  "name": "Portable Charger",
  "variant": "Black",
  "sku": "P001",
  "short_description": "A Portable USB Charger for humans",
  "description": "Imagine a bunch of awesome tech specs here",
  "location": {
    "id": "1e50d558-9588-413e-8fca-2cc5a2b2e152",
    "name": "Baltimore, USA"
  "category": {
    "id": "6e0c51ef-1b66-42a8-ac96-8437da0e9507",
    "name": "Gadgets & Gizmos"
  "suppliers": [
      "id": "c62425b1-1adf-4984-8b44-d3b4d9e601ad",
      "name": "Michael & Son"
  "available_quantity": 5,
  "price": 49.99,
  "cost": 17.25,
  "published": true,
  "active": true,
  "created_at": "2022-08-01T09:09:34.752Z",
  "updated_at": "2022-08-01T09:10:02.798Z",
  "image_urls": [


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An e-commerce unified API schema offers a common schema to send and receive your customers data in the same format, no matter the connector being used.

You can see a list of the integrations we support on our unified schema here.

Yes! You should have limited maintenance work (if any at all) once you are utilizing our unified API schemas.

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