Integrate sales Data With Our Unified API

Integrate with every sales platform using the same data model.

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Support every sales integration with no extra work

Using hotglue's unified API schema, integrating once means supporting other sales integrations is as simple as turning them on.

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integration row

Simplify sales integrations with hotglue’s unified sales API schema

Designed to streamline the integration process, our Unified Sales API Schema allows you to standardize your customers data and make more room for building faster integrations.

Our connectors seamlessly integrate with all sales platforms through a unified data model, securing a fast and efficient way to scale-up your integrations.

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Benefits of using a unified sales API schema

At hotglue, we understand the challenges that come with building sales integrations. That’s why our Unified Sales API Schema is created to simplify your experience:

Faster Integration Building

Create your integrations at a faster pace without needing to configure every connector with scripts and field maps.

Resource Optimization

If you’re operating with limited resources, our Unified Accounting API Schemas make integration development more accessible, allowing you to achieve more with less.

Consistent Data Format

hotglue’s unified schema seamlessly ties your data together, establishing a standardized format that simplifies your integration process.

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RevMethods streamlines integrations with hotglue’s unified sales API schema

Now that you know more about the benefits of using a unified sales API schema, let’s break down how our customer RevMethods has utilized the capabilities of hotglue’s unified sales schema to impact their integration journey.

By leveraging the unified sales schema...

RevMethods was able to build against it, allowing them to avoid mapping data for each individual integration. Instead, hotglue handled mapping the data from each CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.) and RevMethods safely consumed it in a consistent format.

RevMethods Dashboard
In their own words…

“I think that’s the beauty of what hotglue is doing. hotglue gave us leverage, allowing our CTO to focus on high level architecture and what’s core to us, while hotglue maintains all these integrations.”

Brad Myers

CEO and Co-Founder

Curious to dive deeper into RevMethod’s success story?

Hear directly from Brad Myers and explore the full customer journey by checking out RevMethod’s detailed case study.

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Build without a learning curve

Integrate with every sales product via hotglue's unified API schema – bypassing the learning curve for each product.

See the difference

Compare raw data from an sales system to hotglue's unified API schema.

Raw Data

Choose the source system.

hotglue unified API schema
  "id": "101",
  "name": "Joe Doe",
  "email": "",
  "owner_id": "51544007",
  "type": "PROSPECT",
  "company_id": "2325678757",
  "company_name": "SurveyMonkey",
  "first_name": "Joe",
  "middle_name": "",
  "last_name": "Doe",
  "title": "",
  "department": "",
  "photo_url": "",
  "lead_source": "Paid Social",
  "description": "",
  "status": "Disqualified",
  "active": true,
  "addresses": [
      "id": "",
      "line1": "7255 W 98th Avenue",
      "line2": "",
      "line3": "",
      "city": "Overland Park",
      "state": "CA",
      "postal_code": "66212",
      "country": "United States"
  "phone_numbers": [
      "number": "333-333-3333",
      "type": "main"
  "custom_fields": [
      "name": "jobtitle",
      "value": "Senior Sales Manager"
  "updated_at": "2019-07-15T23:43:53.082Z",
  "created_at": "2019-07-15T23:43:53.082Z",
  "lists": [


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A unified sales API schema offers a common schema to help standardize your customers data and allow you to create integrations faster.

Standard objects, such as deals, contacts, accounts, and more.

It minimizes the time dedicated to integration development, and eliminates the need for any complex custom mapping.

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