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Pre-processing layer

hotglue's Python pre-processing layer enables you to configure programmatic logic into your integration workflows, making them the most powerful and customizable integrations you can build with any embedded iPaaS solution on the market.

Set up custom workflows

hotglue's pre-processing layer allows for complex product integrations, with advanced filtering and transformations available. Using Python, your team can inject scripts to process large and small data sets.

Set up custom workflows

Write Python transformation scripts

Inside of hotglue, you can access a JupyterLab notebook where your pre-processing scripts live. You can even bring in testing data and jobs to work with you as you develop your scripts!

Write custom Python scripts

Manage scripts in your dev workflow using the CLI

Using hotglue's CLI, you can follow best development practices: keeping transformation scripts in source control, automating deployments and testing, and more!

hotglue CLI


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Companies who utilize hotglue's pre-processing layer can do many things. Companies often introduce filtering, transformations, mapping and more within their scripts!

hotglue's pre-processing layer is in Python.

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