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Webhooks for Real-Time Data Transfer

hotglue's real-time triggers notify you as soon as new or updated data is available in third-party systems. hotglue automatically registers webhooks to keep your product synced with the rest of your customer's SaaS stack in real-time.

Webhook vs Schedules

Syncing customer data on a schedule works well when you don't need to work with data in real time, but can become a liability if your customers want to move at a faster pace. With hotglue, you can use both scheduled syncs and real-time triggers to ensure that your integrations work just as your customers need them.

Webhook vs Schedules

Automatic, Real-Time Data Transfer

hotglue's real-time triggers enable you to sync data as events occur in other platforms. Offering this kind of integration allows your product to become the source of truth, continually in sync with your customers other SaaS tools.

Automatic, Real-Time Data Transfer

Easily Ingestible Data

With real-time triggers you'll receive small amounts of data at a time, making it easy for your product to ingest and represent your customers' data.

Easily Ingestible Data


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No, not all connectors support real-time triggers. Real-time triggers are only offered on connectors that hotglue can register webhooks with.

Yes, hotglue handles registering the webhooks

You can always schedule a connector to run jobs, or call hotglue to run a job ad-hoc at any time.

hotglue will automatically launch a data sync within seconds of the event occurring.

Yes! Our team is continually expanding support for which connectors support triggers, and expanding the breadth of the triggers we support.

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