hotglue melt: June 2023 cover

hotglue melt: June 2023

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by Brendan Hogan

Jun 1st 2023

Hi hotgluers!

Welcome to our monthly hotglue melt - we have got some awesome updates to share!

New integrations ⚙️


In May, our integrations team added new taps for Amazon Vendor Central, Azure Active Directory, and Squarespace. Additionally, we added new targets for Etsy, Exact, and Picqer.

We also released improvements to the following connectors:

Taps: Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Stripe, Marketplacer, S3, Square, Stamped, Quickbooks, and SFTP.

Targets: Xero, Montapacking, Moosend, Quickbooks, and SFTP.

See the full list →

New features and improvements 🔨

Outside of our new connectors, the team made several improvements including:

  • Heap integration
  • Dynamic control over widget fields, dropdowns, and toggles using your embed code
  • Granular settings to run full syncs by default for specific tenants
  • CLI improvements, including a new command to check for tenants with forked ETLs
  • Hard deletes on schedules
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

Next up 📈

Here are some things to look forward to in the next updates:

  • A more intuitive widget experience, including a simpler field map, nested mappings, and performance optimizations
  • Enhanced alerting and snapshotting capabilities in the new hotglue target SDK
  • New environment variables, unified schemas, triggers, and API endpoints 👀

Got ideas? Shoot us a message in Slack or send us suggestions at

See you next month! 👋