hotglue melt: June 2022 cover

hotglue melt: June 2022

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by Hassan Syyid

Jul 1st 2022

Hi hotgluers!

Welcome to our fifth hotglue melt - we have got some awesome updates to share!

Our Team 🤝

In June we welcomed Davi, an awesome full stack engineer, to our team! We are super pumped to have him join us and help the product reach the next level.

Product Updates 🚀

React component + npm package 🎨

We have released the new hotglue widget as an npm package to make the setup process more streamlined. Part of this change includes a totally overhauled Connections React component, an inline version of the hotglue widget. The goal of the Connections component is to allow for a more native user experience for tenants. See an example below:


You can learn more about the widget, React component, and the new installation process in the docs:

Note: The old Connections component was previously available in the now deprecated hotglue-elements package.

Revamped Google Sheets integration 🤩


As mentioned in our last update, one of our goals this month was to revamp the Google Sheets integration. We have vastly simplified the user experience for tenants that are connecting their Google Sheets. Beyond that, the new version of the integration also reduces the amount of setup required.

The new Google Sheets integration is already available for use, and we would love any feedback or suggestions you have! Feel free to reach out at

New integrations ⚙️

image (4).png

As usual, our integrations team added more integrations – notable ones include Google Workspace, Fishbowl Inventory, Gong, Delighted, Google Play Store, Front, Metronome, and iTunes Connect. We also released improvements to the HubSpot, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Iterable, Chargebee, Snowflake, and more.

See the full list →

New features and improvements 🔨

Outside of our awesome redesign, the team made several improvements including:

  • Resolved issues with downloading large jobs directly from the hotglue admin panel!

  • Improvements to job logging:

    • Cleaned up the logging of exceptions in failing jobs to make them more readable
    • Added a section in admin panel to see a summarized log of why a job failed
    • Added an error field to the job details returned from the API including the summary log of why the job failed
  • Added the option to enable a Job History tab in the widget, so tenants have visibility into the sync jobs that have run. See below:

  • Added PATCH endpoint to allow updating the tenant config. Read more in the docs

  • Added revoke parameter to DELETE tenant endpoint which deauthorizes any active OAuth connections before deleting the tenant. Read more in the docs

  • You can now choose a color to easily identify your hotglue environments in the admin panel, and update their names.

  • Enabled ability to override the default scopes for the HubSpot connectors in the admin panel

  • General bug fixes and stability improvements

Next up 📈

Here are some things to look forward to in the next updates:

If you have anything you would like hotglue to focus on in the near future, you can send us suggestions at

See you next month! 👋