The top 10 e-commerce systems you should build integrations with cover

The top 10 e-commerce systems you should build integrations with

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by David Molot

Jun 17th 2022

If your product is a B2B SaaS (like Slack, Asana, and Mailchimp), your team most likely gets integration requests all the time.

Even though building those integrations are difficult, it can be just as challenging to understand which integrations are necessary in a space as fragmented as the e-commerce industry. Some systems offer marketplaces, some offer inventory and order management, and some offer both! Knowing which of these integrations make sense to support for your SaaS is essential in growing your company.

Below, we have compiled a list of the top 10 e-commerce platforms that your product should integrate with. Time to dive in!

10. Gambio

First on the list is Gambio, a German-based e-commerce platform that powers over 5,000 e-commerce companies around the world. The users of Gambio are typically European companies less than 10 people, or individuals who have set up their own shop.

If you are targeting the German-speaking e-commerce sector, you will definitely need to offer a Gambio integration.

9. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce is most known for their CRM software, but they also offer a product called Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers order management as well as a storefront to help sellers achieve their e-commerce goals, and currently supports over 5,000 companies.

Typically used by companies with over 50 employees, Salesforce is a great integration to offer if your target market is larger e-commerce companies.

8. Shoptet

Shoptet is a Czechia-based e-commerce platform that powers 30,000 e-commerce shops around the world! Not only do they offer a shopping cart platform for merchants, but also help merchants find the best suppliers for the goods they are selling. If your main customer segment is in Europe, Shoptet is definitely an integration you want to support.

7. Prestashop

Prestashop is an open-source e-commerce platform based out of France. Powering over 43,000 e-commerce shops, Prestashop is a staple in the e-commerce community. Prestashop may leapfrog its way up this list in a couple years time as its user base has been growing significantly over the past couple years.

If you are targeting small to medium sized merchants that are less than 10 people, Prestashop is an integration you’re certainly going to want to offer your users.

6. Ecwid

At number 5, we have Ecwid, a rising star in the e-commerce category. Unlike the previous two products, Ecwid helps you organize your inventory, pricing, order management and more. Acquired recently by LightSpeed Commerce (an honorable mention of another integration that would be great to offer), Ecwid has been growing its global customer base rapidly (over 72,000 companies are using Ecwid).

If you are looking to offer integrations with order management systems alongside your shopping cart integrations, Ecwid is a must-have integration for your product.

5. Odoo

Odoo is another great e-commerce solution to offer integrations with! With over 10,000 large enterprises using the platform, it is one of the most mature and well-rounded tools on this list, Whether it is order management, manufacturing, quality assurance, or anything else, Odoo most likely has it covered (think of Odoo as more of an ERP than just an e-commerce platform).

This is partially due to the open-source model Odoo employs that has thousands of developers working on maintaining and building Odoo. If you are looking to offer integrations for companies that need a more intensive ERP for their e-commerce systems, Odoo is a required integration.

4. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is one of the biggest brands when it comes to the e-commerce space. Based out of Austin, Texas, BigCommerce powers some of the most famous brands around the world (Ben&Jerry’s, Skullcandy) even though most of BigCommerce’s 45,000 users are small to medium sized companies and e-commerce brands.

BigCommerce, and the next 3 integrations on this list, are truly a necessity when thinking about which integrations you are looking to offer in the e-commerce category.

3. Magento

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform. Acquired by Adobe in 2018 for a whopping $1.8 billion, Magento is an extremely widely used platform for e-commerce brands and companies between 10 and 50 employees. Considering the fact that Magento serves over 90,000 merchants of sizes large and small, a Magento integration is a great option for those targeting all e-commerce sellers regardless of size.

2. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source headless e-commerce solution for WordPress websites. With tons of integrations, WooCommerce is also one of the most easily accessible e-commerce platforms for merchants around the world who already use other tools in their e-commerce setup.

Whether your target market is small or large online merchants, WooCommerce’s user base of over 550,000 merchants makes the open-source platform an integration you will repeatedly get asked for if you don’t already offer it. There could be a case for WooCommerce even being number one on this list.

1. Shopify

And finally, the premier e-commerce system, Shopify. Shopify is the largest and most important integration you can offer in the e-commerce category. Based in Canada, Shopify is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world! Beyond e-commerce, Shopify has also expanded into the retail point-of-sale category.

Being the most popular and largest e-commerce player (also hovering around 550,000 merchants supported), Shopify powers some extremely notable marketplaces such as Tesla, Louis Vuitton, and Nestlé, but continues its mission to help anyone sell online – big or small.

Wrapping up

So that wraps up our list of the top 10 e-commerce systems that you should integrate with! Regardless of the size of the merchants you are working with, every integration on this list could be helpful in closing more customers.

If you are thinking about building e-commerce integrations, check out hotglue or ask us about how you can start integrating today!