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Goodkind Scales Personalized Video Messaging

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by David Molot

Oct 18th 2021

Key Takeaways

  • hotglue removes need for Goodkind team to spend months building custom integrations in-house for each data source
  • hotglue has significantly minimized the engineering time Goodkind spent on maintaining their data pipeline
  • With hotglue, Goodkind has been able to onboard more customers and offer a wider depth & breadth of integrations

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"Integrations are a messy world, and hotglue has helped us reign it in and make it an advantage of ours. For most companies, integrations tend to be a pain, but for us, it is actually an advantage now."

Helping organizations offer human touch points through video

Goodkind enables organizations to offer a scalable way to use personalized video messaging to boost engagement, retention, and conversion with potential customers. Organizations using Goodkind videos see 5X better performance than emails and phone calls.

Building a custom solution

Before Goodkind began using hotglue, the company had built their own Salesforce and Blackbaud integrations. Goodkind users were able to connect their Salesforce and Blackbaud accounts to pull some basic data, but managing these integrations quickly became a daunting task.

Specifically, co-founder and CTO of Goodkind Michael Warshafsky explained that while the "upfront investment [to build integrations in-house is] big, it's more about the maintenance."

As Goodkind grew, this quickly became a scaling issue – the integrations were taking engineering time away from working on the core product, and new integrations were left on the back burner.

This forced the Goodkind team to spend significant engineering time on maintaining their integration pipeline to get users onboard.

Implementing hotglue and what changed

Given the huge chunk of engineering resources being spent on integrations, Goodkind needed a way to minimize the engineering work required to both build and maintain integrations.

Specifically, they were looking for a tool that could:

1. scale the breadth of their integrations quickly,

2. handle data standardization out of the box, and

3. allow them to set custom schedules for syncing user data.

For Goodkind, hotglue was the perfect fit. It is able to minimize the maintenance and upfront cost of building new integrations while providing the end user a native experience of linking their SaaS apps directly to Goodkind.

With hotglue implemented, Goodkind is now able to support more integrations and expand on their previous offerings with ease.

For example, Warshafsky mentioned how hotglue's ability to set custom sync schedules for each user "allows Goodkind customers to do whatever they want," – giving users more flexibility and a better overall experience when linking their CRM to Goodkind.

Additionally, hotglue has given Goodkind the ability to quickly support new integrations – enabling them to fill customer requests and expand their integration library with ease. For Goodkind, this has made integrations a major selling point, rather than a barrier to getting customers onboard.

Building a scalable solution

Overall, Goodkind has been able to expand their product offering by integrating hotglue to handle its data integration pipeline. They now support connecting more data sources than before, have a more robust data ingestion system, and can dedicate more time to serving the core value they provide their customers, personalized video messaging.

Thanks to hotglue, Goodkind is serving more customers across a wider breadth of integrations with a fraction of the work – enabling them to help more organizations send personalized video messages than ever before.

"The ease of use for our end customers, simply through logging in to their platform is huge. Sometimes integrations are not that simple."

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