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Feb 12th 2021

RevLock Centralizes Accounting Data and Automates Reporting

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Key Takeaways

  • hotglue removes need for RevLock team to build custom integrations in-house for each data source
  • Without hotglue, RevLock would have to dedicate 2 or more engineers to managing their data pipeline
  • Using hotglue for RevLock’s data integration layer has allowed them to onboard more customers and scale up faster

Data Stack




“Without hotglue, our team couldn't juggle product iteration with the constant need to maintain and upgrade our data pipeline.”

Improving the ability for SaaS companies to measure and manage their revenue

RevLock enables SaaS+ companies to measure and manage revenue, helping them compete in a subscription based world. RevLock’s cloud-based solution allows customers to make reports and measure analytics in a snap.

Building Custom Solutions

Before RevLock began using hotglue, they wrote and managed their own integrations.

Initially, RevLock only integrated with Salesforce. Customers would login through OAuth and RevLock used the Salesforce API to pull basic CRM data. However, issues quickly arose as RevLock attempted to onboard customers with custom Salesforce objects or customers who desired more sophisticated reports which required integrating with ERPs like Quickbooks, NetSuite and Xero.

This became a problem as RevLock had to continuously upgrade their data pipeline to meet the new requirements — pulling engineers away from working on the product.

Implementing hotglue and what changed

This is when RevLock began looking for a solution that could help them abstract the integration and transformation layers of their product. They wanted a tool that would not only help pull data from sources on a scheduled basis, but had a powerful transformation layer that they could utilize to standardize the data as needed. They found that hotglue was the ideal product to fulfill their needs.

By utilizing hotglue, RevLock is able to support more integrations, and keep a unified view of customer data with ease.

For example, if a RevLock customer (let’s call them Company A) made a sale and recorded that sale in Salesforce, hotglue has made it possible for RevLock to relate that sale to an invoice in Company A’s Quickbooks data.

Another benefit of hotglue is that RevLock is now also able to sign more customers because they can support integrations with additional ERPs. Using hotglue, they were able to add integrations for sources like Xero and NetSuite without straining their engineering resources.

Building a scalable and actionable solution

Overall, RevLock has been able to further develop their product offering by utilizing hotglue to handle its data integration pipeline. They now support more sources, have a more robust data ingestion system, and can dedicate more time to iterating on their core product.

Since implementing hotglue, RevLock has seen a growth in users using sources that they hadn’t originally supported. RevLock has the flexibility to add more integrations using hotglue as the need arises.

With hotglue, RevLock can quickly create actionable insights for their customers and help them make better business decisions. In Revlock’s own words…

“RevLock is a believer in the cloud-based ecosystem — we do what we're great at and trust hotglue to make data integration a worry-free process.”

About the data stack


Shaped by the real-world needs of developers, hotglue is the quickest way to have a fully-functioning pipeline integrated into your SaaS application while retaining control of the transformation layer. hotglue allows you to set up integrations in minutes, abstracts away the maintenance, and handles any adjustments necessary to keep your pipeline running smoothly — so your team can focus on what matters: your product.

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